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  1. Majestic1

    Unofficial Patches

    yeah i have the new 2010 2011 season update email me as no to sure how to put links up lol oh and many other patches iam just missing two that i want if somone can help CM Hacker - by viper Jamie wattle - Tech Edit ver 4 Ps if you want new leagues i have south africa patch, Finland, Turkey, and isreal, ALL south Americian leagues, usa, and i think scandinavia patch too lol....steve
  2. Majestic1

    Best match tactics?

    no worries mate glad to help keep the old game alive ......
  3. Ide say the new 2010 2011 update that i have on the free transfer Marek Stek- Cze Rep & Darius Slik England U21 all FREE On the origianal game ide say david seamen (1Mill) & somthing Trinder FREE TRANSFER
  4. Majestic1

    Best match tactics?

    yeah the big teams ar like there own country lol some ar listed as countrys in the data base in some patches i change them back as man utd are big a nuff would you like some patches? iam in the makeing of the hungarian league & Australian league let you know about them if interested when there done steve.....
  5. Majestic1

    Best match tactics?

    umm i use the 3 1 3 3 formation with direct i score so many goals but you have to have good players and gk steve
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