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  1. Fugitive in love (when love turns sour) Season 1 Episode 1 Kennedy walks out of his bedroom. As he headed to the bath he was coldly greeted by Azin a maid he had raped on countless occasions. After his bath he had his breakfast and dressed for work. Kennedy lives in a 5-room bungalow on the outskirts of the city. He adopted Azin as a maid after raping her on a Friday night. ***Flashback*** Kennedy drove out of his office at ken enterprises. He had closed for the day. He was delayed by a board meeting and had to wait three hours after closing time before he exited the place. He dropped his secretary at her abode and began driving through the lonely tracks leading to his house. Few poles to his house, he sighted a girl in mini. He could access her body as it pressed hard against the tight cloth seeming it will burst it. He began reducing his speed. On reaching her he wound down the glass of his car and asked the girl where she was heading to. "My mum sent me on an errand to my friends house. "By this time of the day? ” “yes and could you let me go as you re delaying me? ” " come in let me drop you ” She entered without hesitation and...... Off he went. After he opened the door for her to come down she started raining insults on him calling him a fool, ritualist, yahoo and various incriminating names. Kennedy stood watching her as she struggled with the gate. After watching her fruitless attempts, he spoke up. “ from now on this is ur new home so feel free to do what ever you want to do but the day that you try to run away you re doomed. " he concluded and left her to her thoughts. Later on, she came in and was showed a place to sleep. That night, he sneaked into her room and was surprised to see her sleeping stark naked. At that moment penal Adrenalines began pumping into his d**k...... TBC What happens next? I think girls re in the best position to answer. Comment based on the story. # _writing_is_always_fun .
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