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  1. lol no ana howa :mrmayor: LOL !! i thought enno tashaboh asma2 too !! XD I've heard abt u
  2. ty Mayessam well these lines are also my email signature la2n 3atoul beys2louni 3n cheats wu haik fa that's why i have chosen such a siggy
  3. ty glad u like it I will post a link in my blog! so ps players can join here
  4. yes i know how to link it! but can u refer me to the rules please?
  5. Hello Noor, do i have to link my fb to share in the forum?? if yes kindly let me know
  6. 7elo fee Arabic corner but no arabic players or member t7ayati lal 3arab hyda awal post elli
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