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  1. I have been thinking about it but always forget when its time to!
  2. Feels great to be back after such a long time! :shifty: With such cute items available in stores, i could not stop myself from re-decorating my baby's home! Hope u all like it! Comments and suggestions welcome! Entrance (before) Entrance (now) Thanksgiving Parade: Porch: Feast room: Balcony room- for those who wish to view the parade from a height!! :p Master bedroom: hOppy's closet(now) At night! Closet(before) Dining area(has 3 rooms to entertain the many lovely neighbors my pet has): 1. 2. 3. Backyard: Special room for my special friend Marwa!
  3. You are very welcome!!! ^_^ In fact i have some new balconies now- if u ever wish to visit! Just send an f/r with the forum name n PSFC!! =)
  4. wow- thanks guys!!!! :blink:
  5. Gosh!! :blush3: Thank you
  6. wow- thanks guys!!!! :blink:
  7. thanks guys!!! ^-^ I loove my pet too!!!
  8. Glad it helped!! Thank you for stoppind and leaving the nice compliments!
  9. thanks guys!!! ^-^ I loove my pet too!!!
  10. omg- thank you guys!! All these lovely compliments- just made my day! =)
  11. WELCOME ALL!!! Still not OPEN for business but much of it is done!! Every time someone books a room, the room is finished according to the pet's particular tastes!!! Garden Entrance: Main entrance: at night (looks lovely): Lounge area: First sea view balcony!: First room- blue pink ( lexi and Meg love it ^^): Second room- pink: Third room- Orange (mara likes this one) Our second balcony!!! ^^ At night! Green room: Fourth room- blue! (maya loves blue) fifth room- Cats room!!! (esp for Cathy!) Latest attraction at the resort: tarot card reader/ astrological experts... Still under construction!!! ^^ Hope u liked all rooms! ^^ please leave comments/ compliments! thank you!
  12. Glad u all liked 'em! ^^ I really loved 'em too- esp the entrance- proud of it!
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