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  1. Hi guys~! Long time not opening the forum~! XD My sister asked me a favor for selling her digging items... These are the items: -Deep Ocean Bath Tub - 2x 999s -Ancient Sarcophagus - 1x 999 (stock:2) -Wild Mushrooms Decor - 1x333 -Orange Jam Jar - 1x333 -Pink Snail - 1x999 -Monster Under The Bed - 1x4999 -Blue Mermaid Dress - 2x999s -Cleopatra Tunic -1x999 These are the prices that she gave me... If it's a bit expensive just give me the price that you want... Thx ^^
  2. The Little Mermaid's Bathroom! (It's Private actually! XP)
  3. The Little Mermaid's Bathroom! (It's Private actually! XP)
  4. fine... but can u close this forum? please... o.... tree house costs 12x4999 would that be fine?
  5. Forum closed... chay, can u close this forum.. someone already bought them... + u so it's finished please help me]
  6. so it will be double then... u can choose that might be 11-12x4999 how's that?
  7. I'm selling items that cost between 8 - 10 PFC for 5 people. You tell me what item you want and I'll send the thing to you.... 8 PFC = 4-5x4999 (depends on the item) 10 PFC = 5-7x 4999 (depends on the item) Happy choosing!
  8. send f/r please.. i'll send all the items rite away..
  9. I haven't purchased them. Okay, have friend req? Oh i'll send u the items rite away. Thx
  10. I'm selling Haiti Plushie for only 5 people! Each person can choose one doll only! Each doll cost - 5x4999for first customer) 6x4999(the rest 4) Thank you! I'm also selling 2xPinata - 1x4999 - sold out 1xLeprechaun Doll - 3x999 - sold out Thank you!!
  11. Hello!! I'm opening the Magnificent Trade Box today!!! So, I bought some Magnificent Mystery Box and I wanted to share some to you... It is better to get what you wanted than wasting 5 PFC to get what you don't want... So I'll put the picture of the item that I currently have and if you're interested in having this item, you can trade it with 1 and I'll send the items that you want!! So it will be so on and so forth... You can also post items that you want to trade with the here! The Item: Pet Parade Balloon Someone Interested????
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