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  1. I need one please Sending friend request! sent you 1 cute bowl.. waiting for 2x999.. Sorry for the delay! Items sent, please confirm
  2. I need one please Sending friend request!
  3. all received thanks!!! items sent.rep + for u Thank you for the fast&smooth trade!
  4. i have the Sweetheart Teapot&Chili Floating Candle how much would u offer? You can tell me what's fair for you&I'll send the items right away
  5. Hi! I've been trying to find the Cute Bowls in the Blue Mystery Box but I've had no luck! If anyone has them&is willing to trade leave a message here
  6. I tried running the Pro Race today&it's REALLY difficult to win My computer is new&I win almost all normal races. If you don't have much luck in the normal races I wouldn't recommend spending 45 PC to get the items needed because chances are you're not going to cross the finishing line first
  7. To pet panw apo mena nomizw oti xefuge perissotero Alla to pet panw apo mena ehei kalo gousto opote den ehei simasia!
  8. Me to pet panw apo mena epanalambanw pws ta houme ola idia ektos apo to hrwma Gia kalo to eipa!
  9. I'd like to buy a Festive Girl set if you have one (picture bellow) I've sent you a f/r.
  10. hiya hun! i just acepted your f/r, we can do the trade now if u want.. Sure, items sent
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