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  1. how much for the wizard prodigy bundle?
  2. Large Pink Tree 1*5999 Princess Mansion Staircase 3*5999 (only 3 left) Pink Electric Iron 1*3333 Pink Sewing Machine 1*3333 Pink Jello 1*3333 Pink Simple Clock 1*5999 Princess Pink Rug 1*5999 Pink Microwave 1*5999 Cute Pink Light Fittings 1*3333 Pink Blender 1*5999 Pink Kitchen Scale 1*3333 Baby Plushie Set (Bunny Chick Hedgehog) 1*5999 Baby Tambourine Decor 1*3333 Pink Baby Shirt and Pink Baby Hat set 1*5999 Love Heart Lava Lamp 2*5999 Red Hot Lava Lamp 2*5999 Pink V Pet Guitar 2*5999
  3. Skeleton dress sent and 4x999 received. thanks! adding rep
  4. Shop is OPEN ! Limited items left !
  5. Got the 1x5999! Thanks for the trade !! added rep.
  6. [quote="Computron"] Received your 6x999. Cat sent. Thanks ! Rep added, again !
  7. Looking to sell Throne of Terror (just 1). Please give offers.
  8. Yes, I still do. All sent 2xJack O Lantern Sets and 1 Monster doll right after I send Smorkle's
  9. Heya, got a few more sets. All sent 4x Jack O Lantern sets and 4x Monster couch.
  10. Yes it is ! I sent you an f/r.
  11. 2x999 confirmed received and black cat sent ! thanks for the safe trade, too ! rep added.
  12. All my item sent. Now await for your item. Thanks. All items received and sent. Thanks for the safe trade ! rep added !
  13. All items sent, and confirmed received 1x5999. thanks for the trade ! added rep.
  14. 3333s confirmed received. Thanks for the trade. rep given !
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