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  1. hey guys, how do you change the item on the magical spring hat?
  2. ok. for those who made deals, please send me a f/r
  3. @ ayathon oh ok! sorry i dont memorize all their names haha.. anyways, ill be willing to part with it for only 8x999
  4. @ Ayathon im sorry but which item are you referring to? sorry for the late reply.
  5. @gabs items sent and received! thanks so much, come again, add rep. ^^
  6. @gabs ill send you the items after i receive the payments. ^^ @pedj ill send you the item(s) when i receive your payment. ^^
  7. @gabs haha sorry cause i was out for so long i wasnt able to update the prices, but ok, ill sell them both to you for only 7x999 @pedj oh ok haha. cause i know that the cup isnt around anymore and its pretty rare, but sure since its the new year, ill sell the doll for 1x5999 and the cup if want for only 7x999
  8. @ Pedj: leprechaun doll and golden cup for 8x999 each only @gabs: rocking horse for 8x999 and tambourine for 5x999 only if you have other offers in mind feel free to suggest! ^^
  9. Hey guys! Happy New Year! To start the year right, here's a sale of items, MOST of them not in stores or mystery boxes anymore! *****Please leave your offers, whether in 999s or 3333s or cash coins or any other means***** Happy shopping, best offers get the item(s) of desire! *****Feel free to inquire and negotiate, best offers get the items. ******
  10. @MeowMeow all items sent! thanks so much, added rep! @CharlotteLouise vintage trunk would be 3*3500
  11. accepted f/r. ill send the items once i receive payments. thanks!
  12. @Ursula ok take your time if you have another price to offer please to post. @MeowMeow ok deal. please send me a f/r thanks!
  13. halo Ursula! uhm, which windows? you mean all of them? Colosseum window = 5x999 Paris view window = 5x999
  14. hey guys! for my friends here, hello again! its been awhile since I last logged on due to school stuff. im so glad to be back yay! so many things have changed since i came back, and to celebrate ive decided to open with a sale! all items below are for sale! yes, everything you see in the photos. and with that i leave the shopping to you! happy shopping! i accept payments by 999s or 3333 or whichever.
  15. @computron: item sent. thanks! add rep @ursula: ok @ hideeni: whaat are your offers for the both of them?
  16. @computron: ok send mea f/r @hideeni: what are your offers? @ursula: oh you mean the pink jello? its only at 5x999
  17. hey guys! sorry ive been missing in action for so long due to classes, but im back! im starting off with the traditional sale! happy shopping! i accept payments in 999s or any other kind you specify. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR OFFERS. happy bargaining and shopping!
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