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  1. HI everyone, I was wanting to post a hello and howdy do, but couldn't figure where to do it as the thread is locked. I love pet society, I call it virtual paperdolls - it is the break I take in my day to just relax and do what I want to do, no one to please but my pet and myself! How great is that! I live in the USA and it is way too cold here at present, so my sweet Pet Lulu was happy to get the cabin furniture and snowing windows to keep current with our conditions. Everybody have fun and come by and say hello. if you are on facebook, I love to have new PS pals. Hugs and happy new year all around! Lydia :pinkjello:
  2. I am a PS fanatic, and love to get to glimpse the upcoming offerings from the shops - it helps me plan how to allocate my budget! I love all the gardening goodies! hooray! :blackcat:
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