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  1. Thanks for all the warm welcomes!!! I speak English, Spanish, Serbian and some Hungarian. I can also case trouble in a few other languages ;p
  2. Yay! Another person in Oregon and a teacher too! =) My dream job is middle school social studies/language arts and/or teaching English as a foreign language. I can't wait till my degree and license come in the post. It's so strange, I have been busting my butt for a year to get my degree and all I can do today is sleep. Seems like my body realized that it can rest at long last. =) Are you a native Oregonian? I'm a transplant. In 3 days I'll have been here for a year. What did you teach?
  3. Hello! Hola! Zdravo! Szia! My pet's name is Floofie. I just got my masters degree in teaching yesterday!!! I'm multi-lingual, multicultural and friendly =)
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