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  1. Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for all your kind messages ! I'm trying to deal with all this at the moment but I know it's going to be hard !
  2. Hi, I'm a newbie on this forum . I'm really feeling totally down tonight and I'm not sure my life is worth living . I think I'm a lesbian but I've never told anyone because I'm afraid that my friends and my family won't want to see me anymore .I'm living a lie , recently I've stopped eating and I think it's because I hate myself for having such feelings . I really like one of my colleagues but I'm not sure she feels the same , we spend quite a lot of time together , we laugh a lot ! I 'd like to ask her out but I don't know how ! I think I need some advice ! Do you think I'm a freak and that I don't deserve to live ???? thanks for reading my post anyway
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