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  1. krisswess

    selling items

    payment received thanks:]
  2. krisswess

    selling items

    agreed! fr.request sent accepted! items sent:]
  3. krisswess

    selling items

    agreed! fr.request sent
  4. krisswess

    selling items

    accepted, i sent u the coin thanx for the trade rep added:]
  5. krisswess

    selling items

    got them, items sent.. thank you rep added:)
  6. krisswess

    Bibou's shop

    sure plz add me thanx, i sent u a fr.request:)
  7. krisswess

    selling items

    for sale: groundhog plushie forest aquarium dancing pet figurine x2 red japanese ogre mask x2 duck stamp picture pink headphones x2 curly long wig x2 mermaid wig bubbles volcano /i accept offers/
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