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  1. ok guys i'm sorry for not logging in for so long but i had a very busy life irl and didnt had time to visit forum.i hope u understand guys. if you have anything u want to buy just add me in the game with a note or if your a friend already just send me a message directly in the game so when i log in i could send u directly.thank you so much for undestanding mousy
  2. wow its been so long since i log to our forum!omg i miss this!!! ^_^ btw guys i really wanted to have a pink and black pirate eyepatch.if is there anyone got extra that i could buy just send me in the game with a price on it.thank you so much!^.^ mousy
  3. I need 2 please anyone who can sell me thank you so much^_^ and tell me how much please.Just deliver it to my house will pay when I get online thank you ^^
  4. hello kei ^_^ 999 is commonly used for trading rare stuffs on PS.It's like a "money" when u buy things irl. You can get 999 items from "GBM" or "Gold mystery box" that u can buy from Mystery shop.999 is an item that has "?" or question mark icon on it.to see the price if its 999. Drag the item to cash register.and u'll see if its worth 999.but DONT click yes.. when u see item like 3333 this is equals to=3x999 . 3333 is another type of item used for trading in PS its a "Bling watch" that worth 10k from shop but can be sold as 3333. I hope that I explained it well.if no ill try to explain it further.^_^
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