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Posts posted by glow88

  1. Keiki wrote:
    u didnt miss out im still here hun Smile

    i gave gg her reputation bk that i give her on other forum, ive been going thru every1 and making sure they get it back. i think they're doing me favor back as i have 2 now yaysies. along way to go to 55 though *cries*

    LOL! at least u got ur gold member back^^
    haha no worries bout the reputation!
    everyone already knows u..ur reputation is already good without having all the 55 reputation points!!
    cheers hun!^^

  2. fit wrote:
    glow88 wrote:
    LOL! how u know^^
    wow ur gooD!
    haha is she cute?
    LOL congratulations

    haha... guess guess only congratulations
    she's super cute (face matchin wif her name huh) lol... hahahahahah....

    alrite dear, catch ya later... off to my ZZzzz... now (*__*)

    haha!! Smile ya that is why the nose is there! match with the name! LOL!

    okies! c u dear! have a nice slp^^ Smile
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