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  1. i have the floor =) i need the mascot =) i will send now~~ I have the pants..and oso the plushie... how many dog plushie u have? =) i would love to trade for the dog plushie^^
  2. LOL =) yea another limited item =) hehe thx ^^ bumpppp
  3. you're welcome sweetie.. sure sweetie.. all for 7x3333? ^_* because i have change my price.. * hey is this still for 7 x 3333 =)? sorry for the soooo late reply! hehe i send u the 3333s now^^
  4. Last Week MB items: Pink Kite for 2x999 Hula Dancer Plushie for 4x999 Swan Rubber Ring for 4x999 if you buy 1 set, only for 9x999 or 3x3333 or 3cc.. Past MB items: Colorful Lucky Charm for 1x999 Red Festive Drum for 2x999 Pink Roses Flower Pot for 4x999 Pink Lotus Candle for 4x999 if you buy 1 set, only for 10x999 or 3x3333 or 3cc.. Bunny Teapot for 2x999 Floral Garland for 4x999 Donut Headpiece for 4x999 if you buy 1 set, only for 9x999 or 3x3333 or 3cc.. Red Summer Shades for 1x999 Classy Grey Headband for 2x999 Rockhopper Penguin Plushie for 4x999 Grape Vines for 4x999 I would love this 4 sets plzzz can i have discount =) thx!!
  5. u mean happy kitty? I have the kitty already if thats what u mean.. im only looking for the RARE one...
  6. Hi,, I keep digging and digging but I could not find the Rare item which is ..if not mistaken its a aquarium or sth like that... Is there anyone who have spare and wud love to sell it to me! thx!!
  7. haha do u still wan to trade? sorry >. i think someone pmed me in facebook asking for trading..wonder which of u did.... sorry not selling but only trading
  8. aaa sorry !! i was too busy and totally forgot bout my thread !!
  9. its so sad we cant choose wat we want =..= have double of like 2 sets! sad
  10. hi !! I have 2 black cat costume and 2 fox would love to trade one with something else! Anyone plz >
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