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Everything posted by glow88

  1. My name is Katie, I'm a Kick boxer! I live in a Kingdom, and today I am kind
  2. yeap! the next person is a trade referee
  3. My name is Jessy, I'm a joker! I live in jamaica, and today I am Joyful
  4. glow88

    If you had...

    I will do naughty things LOL!! If you had a wish, what will it be?
  5. My name is Honey, I am a hockey player, I live in hollywood =) and today I'm HOT!
  6. I ban agniukas cause she banned me before !
  7. glow88

    Five letters

    LOOK!! Katie Needs The Happiness!! I T Y J C
  8. nope!! =) the next person is sick?
  9. Hmmm... are u looking for 2008 or 2009's halloween items.. I basically have all of them! haha ! do u have roughly a list of items ur looking for?
  10. I wish to get it too...but hmmm CC's nowadays are hard to find =(
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