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  1. OMG thanks lot!! sorry for the repeating question =(
  2. Hmmm I am not sure if there is a thread around here somewhere talking bout this.. But does anyone have a list of treasure items that I can find? and one more question is the weekly and rare... I still do not have them... does the weekly changes every week? I notice the weekly I just got is the kitty...! But I notice thats like new...! Does anyone know the weekly that was before this? And is the rare changing every week too? And what is the rare item now? Thanks!
  3. I think Lin Yao had: Starter: Prawn Cocktail Main Meal: Roast Lamb Dinner Pudding: Chocolate Roulade =)
  4. 1 x 3333 for 2 hat box? cant it be 1 x 3333 for 1 each? =)
  5. Hi I wud like to buy the new wig >.< Hope can get it in time... Erm...I do not have 3333ss..But i have 999s left... and if ur looking for some past items..I do have them... Please let me know...whats ur offer..thx!
  6. just love the wedding gowns as well =) the food ....!!!
  7. Hey! Does anyone have a list of all the items in the vacation ticket for the arabian, cruise and safari? Thanks!
  8. glow88

    Close please

    hi~~ do u still need the black kitty plushie? and lion dance hat?
  9. 1 x 999 each is quite low... and ur changing all the price to 1 x 999 for 15 items... thats low... >< sorry I only have 2 bird cage left ... can sell u 3 bear... candle set can sell u 3 too selling u for 2 x999 is already very low since the items are already no longer in store... if its too expensive for u, im sorry ...but I'm in need of cash too.. thanks
  10. how much u offer for the festive tree seed?
  11. how many do u need? and what do u still need? I can sell u the roses, the candle set, the cage, and the plushie... let me know how many u want... and send me a f/r with a note if its a deal...
  12. Happpppy Birthday!! ! Hope u had a great day!!!! and happy all the time^^!!! may all ur wishes come true!!
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