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Everything posted by glow88

  1. haha! ya ! LOL..but i think u need gif them time to have it.. they have it before..! but they need time to update it and make the forum a better place for us to chat! so relax...and wait! thats what we can do! LOL..! haha i notice we are replying at diff post and place..but it seems fun huh!^^ i seriously enjoy chattin!
  2. i rmb this post!!^^ i wish for jobs!! hehe really need money!
  3. ya i do^^ thanks alot! sent u f/r !^^ waiting for u to accept! ur welcome dear, glad u it f/r accepted, thx much sweetie... thanks lot dear!! hehe! sending u the gmbs now^^ hope u get sth good from it!
  4. ya i do^^ thanks alot! sent u f/r !^^ waiting for u to accept!
  5. @@ neopets.. LOL..i played neopets last time.. but din use real money too~! Haha..! anyways.. if jukes become rare, what we use to trade with? gmb?
  6. i keep getting extra toys! still cant get the complete set !! ><
  7. haha! i think the old jukes are super precious then! but i think soon its gona disappear!
  8. i cant get any of them yet! haha.. but will continue try!^^ thanks for the info! the jellyfish is so cute!
  9. Haha! hey GG! yaya^^ lucky sumone told me bout it! tot the site was gone im glad im back^^ and glad to c all of u!! haha pineapple..no worries bout the paw points..! at least the site is back!^^
  10. glow88

    Thank You Thread!!

    yea yea!! thanks alot all mods!! u all did a good job! no worries! nice one GG!
  11. LOL! at least u got ur gold member back^^ haha no worries bout the reputation! everyone already knows u..ur reputation is already good without having all the 55 reputation points!! cheers hun!^^ muakss!
  12. haha quite true!! maybe we all shud open box after they remove all tis items.. cause now i keep get all tis items =.=
  13. haha... guess guess only she's super cute (face matchin wif her name huh) lol... hahahahahah.... alrite dear, catch ya later... off to my ZZzzz... now (*__*) haha!! ya that is why the nose is there! match with the name! LOL! okies! c u dear! have a nice slp^^
  14. yaya!! LOL! how u know^^ wow ur gooD! haha is she cute? LOL
  15. alritey dear wil make a super sweet one for u lol thanks alot^^ hehe! plz pm me when its done^^ thanks lot dear!
  16. oops! forgot mention wat i like! hehe! i like sweet sweet stuff^^ hehe sth sweet / love if possible^^ hehe thanks!
  17. hmmm~! i like rainbow colours!^^ or pink or blue is possible but anyways! ur the expert here so u decide which is best for piggy!^^ thanks!
  18. hihi ^^ can u make a siggy for me ^^? its 2 gmb rite? muz i pay u first or u make for me first then only i pay? hehe here is a pic of my piggy thanks^^
  19. its so sad they remove the lion dance hat and shirt
  20. the forum now looks good! have quick reply and stuff!^^
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