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  1. All night long - Lionel Richie Do you like....
  2. Both sides of the story - Phil Collins Can you tell me....
  3. then our virtual and real lives would mix and we'd make a TV series called 'Virtureality"! LOL What if rain came up from the ground instead of down from the sky?
  4. I would love a cast iron stove or a black cat. And I wish I can fulfill some wishes here. :-)
  5. :37: This is the only thing I have to say to Playfish. If you think we are going to actually spend real money....you have another thought coming. Be prepared for the new shop to be the least visited and most unpopular place. What a sneaky thing to do! And they are actually gloating about it!
  6. Welcome back Steve! Glad you had a good holiday Great to see you back!
  7. I'm on fire - Bruce Springsteen If you were...
  8. Ok I'm resurrecting this thread from the last question which was How can you... Kiss me through the phone - Soulja Boy Will you give me....
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