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  1. Hehe thank you everyone! I wasn't expecting such a huge welcome lol PSFC has never been nicer I was an admin for most of the time, but then decided to handover my responsibilites over and specify myself to graphics, groups, etc. lol I didnt know I was that lucky Its great to be back. I remember helping introduce the groups feature waaaay back. Hows it going now? I'm from India. I speak both Hindi and Urdu. I live in the Middle East right now. Yeah Its great to see you guys again. School's going great. I was Deputy School Captain last semester, and now I'm pretty much overwhelmed with studies. Its great to see you again too Hahaha yeah! Thats my defining feature I guess. I remember posting a thread about guessing my age lol Good times. I guess I'm still pretty good at Multi Quotes, my favorite feature.
  2. Yes, I guess you did. Nice to meet you
  3. Hi everyone. Before you start bombarding me with questions and quizzical looks, let me explain myself. For those wondering where I have been these years, I went off PSFC in order to concentrate on my school work. I'm happy to say I am now in my senior year. It wasn't an easy desicion to leave PSFC and I did regret it every time I looked back at it, but I did what I had to do. I hope you all will forgive me. For those who didn't get to know about me, I was a former admin on PSFC. I was one of the first staff members here since The Great Move of 2009 and I was in charge of graphics and behind-the-scene works. I'm so proud to have been a member of PSFC. Sadly, I haven't been playing Pet Society anymore since my old facebook account deactvated, so I don't think I can contribute much now, but maybe I'll still post around now and then
  4. Ah well....Easy come, Easy go lol
  5. Nope.... I'm guessing that the next person to post has heard "Disturbia" by Rihanna
  6. yeah I know but dont believe in superstitions... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friday_the_13th The next person to post will check this link out of curiosity or just plain boredom
  7. nope...though I wish I do I'm guessing the next person is superstitious about today....(FRIDAY 13)
  8. So should I ..lol Anyone else here thinks the nannybot is a waste of money? for three days? come on!
  9. Up! It was by far the greatest animated movie I've ever seen!
  10. Hey guys...How come not many people post in the artist and movie reviews for the week? They aren't that bad are they? :rtfm: lol So everyone, wassup?
  11. lol I still have to see it...If anyone has any suggestion for next week's movie review, PM me at any time between now and next Wednesday.
  12. *sigh* Why do people always see me coming? Is it my hair? or my flashy "Funny Motto" Shirts? I'm guessing that next person to post lives in a democratic country or state
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