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  1. I saw two movies with Jessica Alba lately. Good Luck Chuck - a lovely and funny comedy, I loved it Honey - a good one, too. I really liked the soundtrack. Honey's trailer's here:
  2. I'm a little bit late but... The purple one definitely! Pink + red is one of the worst colour combinations I can imagine :nono:
  3. I guess I'm really gonna cry when Heroes seasons end...
  4. Hedonism

    COOKING ! :D

    You need to cook 95 dishes for the Vegetable Kebab I don't want to imagine what comes next...
  5. Haha, it looks just like my pet I created a couple of weeks ago, Bushy Evergreen: And here's my entry for the contest - my latest pet Fest Steve:
  6. Just take a screenshot with the Print Screen button
  7. Show us your farm! Now we have the zoom out feature and it's easy to make a screenshot of the whole farm
  8. You can close the thread, please. I already got the items.
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