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Everything posted by glow88

  1. oh no! only 428 left =( and no one is selling cc's !
  2. aaaaaaaaaaa i need one b4 its gone
  3. I love ur room a lot lea =) and yeaa mango ur room is really unique as what yawo said =) hehe!
  4. haha I think I can afford that... but is the wings out yet?
  5. My name is una, I am a university professor, I live in an ugly house, today i am ugly
  6. yea! the next person is bored?
  7. My name is Stephy, I am a Supervisor, I live in Sydney, and today I am Sleepy
  8. what makes you think its off topic?
  9. omg!! this happens alllll the time!!! I dont know why!! just hate it toooo!
  10. I ban chay cause your always visiting piggy =) lol
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