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Everything posted by glow88

  1. OMG!! they are beautiful!! thanksss for the list!
  2. it gone out quite fast!! >< its sad they made it limited
  3. wow! what u wana get with 30 cc's =) hehe just wondering^^
  4. morning lea hun^^ Its time for me to sleep! haha!! I have tons of things to do...stacking up !! just so lazy to do any of them!
  5. Piggy looks so cute with her wings! =) thankss^^
  6. here is a pic of Piggy with the wings =) Thanks Dawn hehe thanks hina hehe! yeaa yawo...i saw it drop from minutes to minutes...it goes really fast
  7. 28 left actually...!! its gone so fast ! aaaa so happy I finally got mine thanks to dawn =)
  8. aaaa thx!! will send u the payment now =)
  9. aaaaa...serious? Thanks!! Do i send payment to ur main acc? it wud be better to tell me how much u want^^
  10. LOL I dont really like the wig either... ><
  11. bump!! =) anyone sell me one? whoever online now...
  12. glow88

    Someone help me!!

    Hahahaha!! I din eat chocolate biscuits for quite a long time already! LOL
  13. thanks =) haha why playfish wud make them limited... dun they wana earn more @@? LOL
  14. glow88

    Someone help me!!

    haha!! give them to me too!
  15. glow88


    aaaa!! thunderstorms.... scary!! they will burn everything! my internet cable got shot before... and I could not online!!
  16. glow88

    Someone help me!!

    haha!! but why u wana hide them from ur kids!!?
  17. glow88

    Someone help me!!

    haha!! omg they look yummy!! I wana eat toooo!! but aaaa......i bet its fattening!
  18. haha!! real life =) hmmm cant imagine still meeting anyone in real life !! =) but i tried meeting with people I met in games before... its fun! they really became my real life friends later on =)
  19. I am sorry hun,I just tried to give them to you and even changed times and I can't gift them yet I hate the limit,just dumb I will keep trying ok hmmm its quite annoying with the time zone thing... LOL but the wings are really going fast... just saw 395 left ... haha thanks lot hun... let me know if u can , and we can trade^^
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