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Everything posted by glow88

  1. woops! I can answer that ! Its 6 pm here but not dinner time yet..! How about u?
  2. My name is Penny, I am a Pasta sauce maker =) LOL, I live in paris, and today Im patience!
  3. glow88

    If you had...

    flyyyy!!!!! if you can create something, what wud it be?
  4. is uni consider school ? LOL the next person love apple juice
  5. ur price is seriously expensive... >.< i really have to see how much is the wings first before deciding
  6. they aint out yet? ahhh! I want to know how much are they... to see if i can afford to get one
  7. glow88

    Chat room fun time

    Hmmm actually u mean 8 am to 12 pm and 8 pm to 12 am LOL
  8. congratulationssssssss!
  9. yeapss the next person is sleepy now
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