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  1. 2 nerdy boy plushies. 1 aviator goggles.. 1 toy banana how much pls.. i already send a F/R my FB NAME is John Rhenire Provido Dearroz.
  2. arctic dog plushie - 6x999 FOR SANTA sign - 5x999 ..
  3. I would like to buy 1 heart apron pls .... !!! 2x999 pls sell it .... and pls give your facebook profile link. reply
  4. Could i buy your Red summer shades for 1x999 my name in FACEBOOK is RYOMA ECHIZEN the one who sent you message
  5. I'm so sorry for many replies , very sorry beacause we don't have the same time...
  6. not that dress its the PINK FAIRY DRESS your pets wearing partner with the ENCHANTED FAIRY WINGS
  7. I would like to buy the Black lace eye patch and the red summer shades could the red summer shades would be one 999?? for black eye patch I will send 3333
  8. just asking if you would sell the PINK FAIRY dress how much?? and maam what is that wings very BEAUTIFUL
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