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  1. [quote="Lucky Strike"]First of all is any of you buying the new lions??????? Also, I was lucky enough thanks to Yvette and Rocio mainly to have plainty of tigers and ofcourse i have no more room nor for them neither for my pretty cats (again a big thank to kokonee and yvette for all the pretty pets out).. So i'm gonna need to either give them away (from breedings) or sell them back.. So if any of you need a tiger please post here or pm me Secondly, I heard something about vamp pets.. What is that??? Thank you! [do you have any male lions?]
  2. [quote="Lucky Strike"]thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did you know that you can breed tigers/leopards with lions????? oh yesssss!!!!!! do any of you need tigers?? [I need a tiger, male if you have one.]
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