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  1. Vitesse 1/43 - Green Hornet 'Black Beauty'
  2. arrgh!! I wan 1 pcs each!! Going for sales ady?? Masterlaoda?? This batch sold out already Next batch arrive on Mid of April.
  3. Not secret car is Japan exclusive version. I bid from eBay
  4. secret car from "Kyosho 1/64 Lamborghini Collection 3"
  5. You want which model can let me know if got people don't want, or 2nd batch got extra will pm you
  6. Superleggera, LP550-2, LP 670-4, Reventon stopped booking. Too full
  7. Price : All models different, pm me. Model available : PM for latest stock availability *2nd batch ETA : 28th January 2011
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