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  1. tengok ur custom ni bro.... cunnnnnnnnnn giler...
  2. ini memang keraj seorang yg professional... naik juling mata aku tengokk..terbaik santonie.. TERBAIK
  3. OMG!!! the best I've ever seen.. very clean .. what kind of software did u use to do all the design..it look very sharp from the pic.. or myb u have specific printer to do the printing.. the best bro..
  4. i've done mine earlier.. but i'm not joining hehe.. just wanna share my work again and good luck guys..
  5. fullamakkk... cun des ka... cam mana nak buat side mirror tu bro.. i like the hasuka veryyyy muchhh
  6. fulamakkk... awesome i'll do mine soon.. cun des ka..
  7. Rayz.. check the pic i 've upload .. it from the TRANSFORMERS RPMS.. which i painted with silver color.. but u oso can use the new 5 spoke rims from the MBX.
  8. hi jackdy.. I get it from the TRANSFORMERS RPMS series.. u will get this rims from the mudflap casting.. here the pic i get from the net
  9. thanks bro.. R34 is ows my fav custom project.. coming next top secret R34 project.. stay tune..
  10. hi santonie thanks.. i believe u can do better then this..
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