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  1. danielh

    ROAK from Mr. Sahama

    wow! bright yellow 350Z!!! congrats to both of you. now i know sahama very kind.
  2. danielh

    Roaked from S'pore

    congrats!! all the nice car!
  3. Another surprise RAOK from xebec crash. thanks to you bro, i didn't expect these very nice stuff. Spoiler:
  4. I've received some RAOK from the masters of HWCM, and all of them are great and i really appreciate them. thanks guys! Raok from Thorrr. These custom DD are priceless and from custom master himself, thorrr. During his last visit here, he handed this beautiful custom DD to me personally. Thanks bro. Raok from a member whom want to remains anonymous whish he passed this Garage DD to me. thanks bro! love it. Raok from Sinclair. On his previous visit for the taste of teh tarik at the gathering( he missed most) which he drooling over in down under, He raok me this beauty! thanks bro. Raok from CKH. Need no introduction to this master from down south. On previous visit to KL, surprisingly he handed out this poisonous Garage T21 Drag Bus to me.. Speechless, i must say it. thanks bro, you make my day! Raok from Shakz7 I need this TH Baja to complete my 2010 TH collection but i didn't knew that he can read and predict what i want. I've been hunting this baja high and low but the chances to get this are VVTH. Out of nowhere he popped up and pass this to me. thanks bro! Raok from Jon Imai These are really out of my expectation...he called me up to meet up for some drinks. Ended up getting Raok from mr.Jon imai. thanks bro, love it. Raok from mushroom Yes, no need intro for well known this master in the hwcm community. This TH $uper nice pair are raok from him. thanks bro! Raok from Xebec Crash. Customizer from Brunei, received this very nice custom flaming 370z from the master custom himself. not only this custom but he raok another JL for me! thank very much bro!!! Spoiler:
  5. congrats RG, all are best Raok!
  6. danielh

    RAOK from xeifu

    very nice DD!!! congrats on the Raok!
  7. congrats to you, very generous from hassan and matbear.
  8. congrats to both of you. all the nice Raok here from Sinclair.
  9. thanks RG! yup, the rubber is for sure.
  10. danielh

    raok from xebec

    nice RAOK from xebec, very creative .
  11. danielh

    ROAK from CKH

    why??? wanna play something with me?? !!!
  12. danielh

    ROAK from CKH

    nice ! ckh is a RAOKer now..........
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