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  1. Thanks Daniel! Also thanks for the message left on FB !!!
  2. Here it is priced from R$2.50 to R$4.00. A Hotwheels mainline costs R$6.00 We don´t have Matchbox official distribution anymore. Usually they are quoted at R$10.00 to R$15.00
  3. Hi guys! I think most of you have passed by this car over the pegs, didn´t you? Unfortunately an icon of Italian super machines is so despised that way. A tremendous injustice. A supercar designed by Bertone, V12 mid-engined 4.0 litre transv. tightly behind the driver!!! For those who wants to read more about: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lamborghini_Miura Well, let´s see what I can do for it! The cast is not so bad, very close to the real! What do you wanna be when you grow up? So, let´s go for it! Finished!!!
  4. As your nick says: Killer customs!!!
  5. Very shinny! Looks great!!!
  6. Thanks everybody for the comments!!! Thanks mr. Eight for the advice! I´ll join there too, but i´ll keep contributing here also! my nick there (FB) is Luiz Kazuo!
  7. Hi everybody! I was away from this board for a long time, sorry for not giving attention to your jobs, I was working hard lately! I´d like to present you my newest project: Making a working suspension on a bike. I always wanted to do that. When I first saw the Max Steel motorcycle, I realized that all the requirements for this job were fulfilled: - The suspension arms are very well defined - There is enough thickness to do the cuts - All parts will be very rigid after cut So, I started the job! - Disassemble the bike, - Drill the hole for the main articulation - Cut the chassis frame, - Choose the best spring model, - Bend the spring wire to attach in the fixed part and moving arm, - Add a limit for the suspension travel Hope you enjoy it! Any questions and comments are welcome!!! Small GIF animation: Full movie @:
  8. LKS

    Honda S2000 GT3

    It´s getting muscles!!! Can´t wait to see the result!!!
  9. LKS

    Bat Fuego !

    Thanks for the comments!!! Thanks bro! but I´m still far from your amazing work! Thanks! maybe it´s a good idea, so I can charge them my royalties!
  10. LKS

    Bat Fuego !

    Custom Batmobile using the cast "Scoopa Di Fuego" I always tought that this car could be a nice batmobile! - Mate black paint - Red strips - Bat decal on doors Hope you enjoy!!!
  11. LKS

    Kool detailing!

    Kool Kombi is really kool! But needs some detailing: Hope you enjoy BEFORE Tail pipe closed and no tail lights AFTER BEFORE No sunroof and signaling lights misaligned AFTER
  12. Very nice Mr. Eight! Love the rear wing!!!
  13. LKS

    Mini Dairy Dilevery

    Much better than the original!!!
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