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  1. HI, here i have some extra stuffs for trade : What i have for trade (CARDED): - Hotwheels $uperized Honda S2000 - Hotwheels $uperized Chevelle SS Wagon - Hotwheels 2011 $uper Chevy Delivery - Hotwheels 2012 Special Edition Dan Wheldon (Rubber wheels) - Matchbox Police 5 pack (with Mitsubishi Evolution X) What i want (CARDED): - Hotwheels $uperized Volkswagen Beetle - Hotwheels $uperized Ferrari 599XX - Hotwheels $uperized Ford Focus RS - Hotwheels Dodge Charger RT - Hotwheels 2011 $uper 57 Chevy - 1 Hotwheels Mystery Machine AND 1 Hotwheels The Bat AND 1 Hotwheels Mars Rover Curiosity (Trade with Matchbox Police 5 pack) Method for the trade : Prefer to meet up. If you are interesting Please pm me. Thank You.
  2. i redraw it ^^, is hard to cover the logo so i decided to paint the whole car and draw the logo back.
  3. Bro i have the 59 chevy delivery Super what can i trade with you ?
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