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  1. Hi there i recently accuired a large collection and have alot of these cars so there up for trade for stuff i need!! TRADERS 2012 supers ,all but challenger and super bee 2008 super roadrunner 2008 super camaro 2007 super 16 angels 2011 super corvette gs,58 impala,mustang fc th drag bus 2004 th morris wagon crome rims convoy custum kmart mail in WANTS 2008 super challenger fc 2013 supers classic series 5 chase green montie lucky charms bus/wheetes super 70 chevelle wagon super 59 chev delevery 2000 gto th 2000 ww cord th delevry series 56 ford,baja,55 panel,convoy,motorhome,69 chevy truck
  2. momc willing to trade for multiple hunts or rare cars of equil value for pics pm me your email!
  3. k mart bd cc have been traded evertthing else is still for trade
  4. FOR TRADE red blown delivery lucky charms drag bus treasure hunt drag bus treasure hunt dd super 69 tooned camaro WANTS classic series 5 chase cars hunts supers redlines carded real riders or make me an offer
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