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  1. Hi long time no post. I am back now Found these
  2. Please go here and read for the explaination on points http://www.hwcmalaysia.net/t6145-new-points-structure
  3. That set has been sold thanks
  4. All the winners have been informed, Thanks. Set 4 remains till Friday 12am
  5. All offers noted. thanks you very much
  6. This bid will end tommorow 11:59pm. thanks
  7. Errrrr....Just for your information especially to some of you, please do not pm if you wanna trade. I am not interested otherwise I would have put this in the trade zone. thanks. Just offer me a number. If you still unsure of what number to offer, Let me just say that if your offer is 35 and below you already lost the bids. thanks
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