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  1. Hi long time no post. I am back now Found these
  2. Please go here and read for the explaination on points http://www.hwcmalaysia.net/t6145-new-points-structure
  3. That set has been sold thanks
  4. All the winners have been informed, Thanks. Set 4 remains till Friday 12am
  5. All offers noted. thanks you very much
  6. This bid will end tommorow 11:59pm. thanks
  7. Errrrr....Just for your information especially to some of you, please do not pm if you wanna trade. I am not interested otherwise I would have put this in the trade zone. thanks. Just offer me a number. If you still unsure of what number to offer, Let me just say that if your offer is 35 and below you already lost the bids. thanks
  8. Its been a long time. Just a small sales Hi as usual offer me a reasonable offer theough PM. Normally the first most reasonable offer wins unless its the item which everybody wants, then its highest offer wins. I will only post cars via poslaju. All cars will be nicely packed in sturdy boxes and will be posted in a day or two after confirmed purchase. Once all packages are posted, I will not be responsible for any damages caused by poslaju. thanks SET 1(PM me for price = tyrell was bought from ebay) SET 4
  9. Let the pics do the talking. Found 2 of these Sunday and Monday...
  10. I think he wants the ecto-1
  11. Some JJ staff told me to take from the pegs that already been pricetag as their free cars have not arrived yet...so you all standby and keep checking la cause this means their free cars are the new wave E case if you are lucky or C case if you are not, maybe lucky to some.....hehe
  12. For me is Jusco, I know where they hid the supers, inside the laci. When no one looking, I just open and grab it like ninja,....wahahaha
  13. If we trade, how are we to trade, what are your terms? Pls advice
  14. Aiya, dun you start la, haha, I dont come because I dont want to come, personal choice. But even if I dont come or attend, I am still very much part of the hotwheels community especially here.
  15. Hi long time no post cause I was busy shifting to my new house and now settled down a bit and hauled these either through trades or retail this week
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