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PeterSlider Truck

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HotBox... or MatchWheels... PeterSlider Wink

I built this as my entry in the Creepsterz may-june Truck comp, everyone brought their "A" game, so I consider myself lucky to scrape in a 1st place win by a couple of votes.

My entry started out with a beatup fleamarket Matchbox Peterbilt truck and a packet fresh HW backslider for the trailer (just visible behind the truck).

Other donors were a Jada GT40 hood to fill the gap where the backslider cabin was cut off, and 3 garage 8crates donated the wheels.

Both castings were stripped, cleaned, de-flashed and primed.

The black plastic truck base was painted with Alclad 2 chrome to match the Backslider and the bent exhaust replaced with alloy tube.

The backslider was cut down to allow room for the truck wheels and the hitch post positioned so that the guards of both truck and slider lined up.

Truck and slider were hit with silver, salt (as per the "salt technique" for weathering paint), blue, white, 600 grit wet'n dry, foil for the aircleaners, horns and lights.
Front bumber got a black and yellow "get out of my way" paintjob followed by a light sand.  
The slider tray was painted metal grey, a black wash applied and drybrushed silver.

Then everything except the wheels (you gotta keep your rims bling!) got rusted up real good using pastel powders in alcohol.

Now I have to find something to put on the back of it.

Thanks for looking.

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that was awesome truck built.! and congrats on the winning!thumbsup 

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another rusted beauty from Thorr.......memang cantik......

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