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Alfa Romeo B.A.T.9

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Alfa Romeo B.A.T.9 concept car 1955

This one started out as a fleamarket beater.

I did a "mild" built on it as it's a pretty funky design straight out of the packet.

Went through the usual prep: dis-assembly, strip, casting cleanup and primer.
The lower body was painted silver and the upper body a pink pearl nail polish, metal foil was used for the chrome trim followed by clearcoat.
Glass was restored using "Future" type floor polish.
Wheel swap was a challenge since the wheels are so skinny and are completely inside the body, so very few wheels will fit this casting.
Managed to find a Jada pickup with skinny wheels and they just fit the BAT9.... it almost rolls.
Interior was sprayed black to make the blue glass work better with the pink paint.

Thanks for looking.

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