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  1. details disc break,and all interior
  2. edwardcjw

    yellow RX7

    why now this forum look too quiet? i may post some new custom.. this one is also look like iniial D yellow RX7?
  3. edwardcjw

    panda AE86

    my second AE86 custom,look like initial D?
  4. it is waterslide decal ^^
  5. my custom about last month..hope u like it
  6. thank you it become street car already
  7. wheels is from maisto custom shop,and seats is from another 1:64 rc car
  8. before custom..oppa rally style!! add some bodykit become a street car but front not nice to look that why i change the front bumper.. interior i cut the original seat,original steering,add NOS,red carpet,LCD monitor change to new racing seat yellow colour paint,decal beside door,headlight details,BBS rims(take from maisto custom shop),cut the window Endless exhaust combine with maisto transporter my bodykit not very nice..that all for my present..thank you
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