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  1. i have quite a few 999's to trade are u still lookin
  2. i have a red guitar from ps that i want to trade for cs items any offers please
  3. fergs

    items trade

    ok what u want for them Whatever you think it's worth..I'm not even sure how to do stuff in CS anymore..I thought you could send fertilizers..I would've sent it..I've got more than 150 fertilizers with nothing to do. EDIT: Going to accept your f/r tomorrow so I don't forget about it. ok thanks let me know when u sent and what u sent so i can send u summit back to its worth xxx
  4. fergs

    items trade

    ok what u want for them
  5. fergs

    items trade

    i mostly just want the coins to buy upgrades and animals really
  6. i want cs items for any of these 5 x red kitchen scales 5 x pink kitchen scales 1 x white cute dining chair 1 x queens throne 12 x dragon boat bench 1 x phonograph deco 1 x pet alas statue 1 x oriental tea pot 1 x pink electric iron 1 x dragon flag deco 1 x creepy tombstone 1 x oriental tea cup 1 x golden cup 1 x star wand decor 1 x cute pink iron railing 2 x pirate ship decor 1 x blue beach umbrella 1 x pets orb decor 1 x baby toy decor 1 x electric shaver 1 x crows decor 1 x vinyl record decor 2 x rosy cute lamp 1 x luminous city subway lamp 1 x treasure chest decor 19 x luminous pumpkin head bucket 18 x pink simple clock 1 x cute heart window 5 x luminous gothic view window 2 x luminous brooklin bridge window 8 x belem tower window 1 x carinval decoration 10 x oceanic parrot decor 2 x babys wind chime 13 x white ceiling fan 1 x pink chalk board 1 x potion shelf decor 1 x pink window canopy 1 x city girl makeup table 1 x rosy cute dining table 1 x wooden round coffee table 1 x royal dressing mirror 1 x pink ironing board 1 x lucky cat 1 x black luxury hifi 1 x rosy cute floor lamp 1 x luminous gothic chandelier 1 x cute pink light fitting 1 x green marque 1 x dark choc tv shelf 1 x strawberry biscuit shelf 1 x star sparkler _________________
  7. fergs

    items trade

    yes but i didnt think it could be sent
  8. fergs

    items trade

    thanks hope it works
  9. fergs

    item trade

    i have ps items i want to trade for cs items
  10. fergs

    items trade

    i am lookin to trade ps items for cs items
  11. i dont have 4999 items right now so no but thanks for the offer
  12. me too by the way i have had to ask for seperate offers in my shop as im gettin confused sorry
  13. i know am just keepin an eye on him he woke and seems a little better so maybe when he was sick i got rid of some of it
  14. thanks kitty hun ur rep added too make sure u check out my new shop
  15. i think he got a bug he has slight temp and is asleep on couch now
  16. ur rep added too sorry it took a while but my son just started vomiting so had to see to him first
  17. all items sent thanks will add rep plz do same xxx
  18. got the arcades thanks will send ur items now in ps
  19. ok to the arcades and make me an offer in that thread please for the lights
  20. how much are the arcades worth again sorry i cnt remem and i would expect u to send first as ur rep lower than mine is this ok with u
  21. one of each for 45k RC? ok hun will send as soon as i know u still want them yes, i want them whats your list for the 45k, hun? rc jukes please hun have sent ur items hun look forward to recievin the rc jukes xxx
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