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  1. nanti next race nama abg ade Ok . Tapi keta keta aku pakai yg ni jer....Dragbus, Chevy Panel, DD, Custom Convoy, Thunder Roller, Rocket Oil, Hiway Hauler lain2 tak nak. tapi keta jenis tu takdelah abg.saye bagi formula street bleh x?
  2. life partner? partner of the eliminator (sinclair)
  3. why?????oh i have a question,who are our moderators??? our moderators are batman, superman, green lantern, hulk, human torch, yoda and wolverine the committee are joker(demonicle), darthvader, dr. octopus, penguin, and whatever villans u can think of how many our moderators.coz i need these names to be ready for the grand prix
  4. why?????oh i have a question,who are our moderators???
  5. takpe abg sahama.second race ni saye pastikan top 5 sume kite punye moderator
  6. i think i know why these ghosts can go through the guards and steals your hw.the ghost lied that he/she had pay the tickets for the dinner
  7. korang rase team mane menang uefa champions league 2011/12 adekah barcelona,real madrid,ac milan,bayern munich,inter milan,or basel 1893????
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