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  1. will also trade for mint loose mustangs. please send pics of what you have ft. thank you chris
  2. dixie challengers traded.... everything else still available
  3. both dixie challengers pending...........still plenty left.willing to trade multiplys for my wants. pm me if interested. thanks chris
  4. Username : hotwheeln Real Name (*optional) : chris walker Favorite HW designer : larry wood Age (*optional) : ...35 Collecting since : Somewhere around 2000 Favorite castings : mustang Range of collection : mostly race team themed cars Other Collections :white lightnings
  5. forgot to add these in the mix: all reg ths
  6. this is what i have for trade: loose cars herseys and general mills cars sams club no number cars cearal cars 1995 toy fair car looking for these: 12 super beetle momlc 12 super ferrari momlc 12 super 70 chevy wagon momlc 12 super mustang ( mint loose,bad card,short card ) 12 super mavrick grabber ( mint loose,bad card,short card ) will trade multiplys.pm me if interested. thnaks chris
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