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  1. Some of you may know that one of the many reasons I participate in the RFH every year is that I have an old friend who developed a brain tumor just after the turn of the millenium. She had surgery and radiation and went into remission for many years. She had the BEST spirit and attitude. She actually named her tumor - Timmy, after the South Park character. We all had to pronounce it the way Timmy did (Timmeh!). We all got t-shirts with a picture of Timmy, head half-shaved on it after her surgery. Timmy was in the part of her brain where language and memory is centered. When they removed the tumor, they had to wake her a number of times during the 12-hour surgery to ask her questions and see if removing that section would take away too much of who she was. After removing as much of the tumor as they could safely, half Carrie's vocabulary was gone. But she wasn't the slightest bit bitter about it all. She would simply ask once every sentence or two something like "then the... people who put out fires" and we'd supply the word firemen; that word would be re-learned and she wouldn't skip a beat. Thanks to the great doctors she had, a few years later I got to be part of her beautiful wedding. Then she and her husband had a baby boy, Sam. The doctors gave her many incredible years. But on this last New Year's Eve, Carrie lost her battle with her brain tumor. She was a shining light brightening every day of everyone around her before, during and after the diagnosis. To say she is missed now is a gross understatement. This year, I am going to get in shape enough to run the race instead of walk it, in her honor. Carrie donated to my team when she was still with us. I hope to have my biggest donations year ever in her honor. It's past time to find a cure from this horrible disease that takes the best of us away from the rest of us. I am really hoping to raise $1000 this year now that I am racing in her honor. If anyone wishes to contribute to RFH in Carrie's honor, please visit my RFH page.
  2. Fun! I haven't done it in years but rappelling is GREAT fun IMO! You are hanging off a rope, feet on the surface, leaning way back, and you kick out so that you are kinda flying, and fall a little ways and land again a bit lower than where you kicked off. You just keep doing that from top to bottom. I've only ever done it where 1) it's a giant rock not a building and 2) I actually climb UP it before rappelling down but the principle is the same. I find it tremendous fun - I hope he enjoys it. If it were $15 instead of $15 hundred, and in my area, and I could escape without doing the M&G afterwards, I'd be all over it!
  3. AWESOME recap, cookielover1220! I did not linger long after the show but did anyone stay and meet David post-show? I"m guessing he did that here as he has been doing elsewhere.
  4. Ooooh, an AC show 2 days after Xmas? Count me in if it gets confirmed!
  5. Yes - EXACTLY! That is just how Heroes feels to me, too. Though I still remember like it was yesterday that we did that the VERY first time he sang Heroes live, at the Hard Rock Gala. So we have ALWAYS done it. Maybe, just maybe, he is finally starting to get why. And the IP show 2 years ago was SUCH an emotionally intense experience. I don't know about you, but to me it was INCREDIBLY validating to hear that it was for him, too, that it is imprinted on his memory every bit as much as ours. I may live to be 100 and see another 200 concerts between now and then and on my deathbed I would not be surprised if my answer to the the questions "Best concert EVER?" is "David Cook, Irving Plaza, 2011." This years was definitely on my list too, but that may be #1 forever for me.
  6. You were right on - it is at the beginning of DblJrsyGirl's video I myself posted lol! He said (with ums and ahs removed): Love it! Also love his giggle when people start shushing before he starts to sing lol.
  7. Has anyone been able to find the banter about how much he loved Irving Plaza and the last time he was there? I want to hear that one again.
  8. lol. I really didn't think he'd sing it! I mean, by the time I had tweeted him, I'm sure the set list had been finalized hours before. And I was afraid that by tweeting him I'd only jinx it and cause fate to ensure he did NOT sing it, as per usual when I request a song. But I had not tweeted @ or otherwise written anything TO David in probably a couple years, and I thought it certainly couldn't hurt to ask. And apparently it still happens that half the time it is on the setlist he skips it. So maybe he saw the tweet and realized, hey, my fans clearly still love this song, and they are feeding me lots of love up here on the stage right now, so I won't skip it tonight. And I was FAR from the only one in the crowd going nuts for the song. That might have been the loudest the room got all night! And most of the crowd knew to start clapping at the top of the bridge, too, no prompting needed by Dave or the guys. Speaking of crowd participation in songs, I was really glad he did Heroes. Not only because I love that song, but because it's second only to A Daily Anthem in terms of my favorite high-energy crowd participation songs. And as we are all pointing at him and loudly singing "You're still standing" I can't help but think those record company execs must have been impressed. Also, lol, in both Heroes and FIM, there are parts where sometimes the crowd sings when they are NOT supposed to and David is adorable when he's calling people out for singing in the wrong spot with his eyes lol.
  9. I almost died when he started in on TOML. I had heard of course that he had done that before but was so into the moment in FIM that I had totally forgotten to expect that might happen so it surprised me (if that makes any sense lol). That is I forgot until as FIM was ending, he flashed this awesome and adorable "I'm about to do something funny and can't wait for y'all's reaction!" type of grin and I was like "omg he's going to sing TOML!" I think I squeezed poor Barb's shoulder in anticipation lol. Then I knew he wouldn't sing the actual words "magic rainbow" so I was one of the ones who, like, totally yelled it at him, with bitter angst... I have no idea why lol. That's just the way it came out in the moment. I think it came out that way because, well, it seems to me that if he can sing it now, it means he's come to terms with everything about it. That he acknowledges it's a catch little melody and that it is beloved... but... he still will ALWAYS hate that he was forced to sing the words "magic rainbow". So I did the magic rainbow as I imagined he thinks the words he refuses to sing lol. I love how he clearly really got a kick out of a bunch of us yelling it that way. From DblJerseyGirl, the awesome flashed smile is at 6:09 I suspect he made a vow to never ever sing the song again... but that the words he used in his vow were that he would never sing "magic rainbow" again. So... this is him staying 100% true to his word to himself, and yet getting the pleasure of all of our reactions to hearing a TOML snippet. I love that! Oh, and Declaration... if there had been room on the balcony to run in circles I'd have looked just like those smilies lol. I also was... loud I think. I'm sure Barb's perspective of my excitement will be a more amusing tale though lol. I was also SUPER excited that he started with Paper Heart. The drum intro was perfect and then the guitar intro that I so love. That guitar intro was absent from a lot of the last tour and I miss it when it's not there. That riff really pulls you in to the song, and having it at the beginning kind points it out to you in a way that you really catch onto it again when it comes back in the song later. I really love all the newest batch of songs, too! Eyes on You is, at them moment, definitely my favorite, too, Jeannie.
  10. WOW, what a SHOW! I was going to write a recap but fell down the rabbit hole instead. And then BAM the post-concert high flipped to the post concert crash and I'm a mess. So I'll keep it short but sweet lest I burst into tears again. David, New York loves you. And we know you love us. Heck, everyone on this website obviously loves you, lol, that's not news. And everyone here, and all your online homes, shows you. But every different place is like a different person. Its own personality, smell, feel, attitude, etc. And a different way of showing you how we love you. I get the very distinct feeling you really dig the way New York loves you. That doesn't mean other places aren't special to you, too. We know. If every city you played were a lover I think New York would be one of the least jealous types. Because we, New Yorkers, are confident that no matter how many other cities you sleep in, New York is one of the ones that has a special place in your heart. We get you. We love you. We fade into you like nobody's business. And we yell-spit fucking magic rainbows lol.
  11. Well, shoot. That is halfway out Long Island. If it were a Saturday or Sunday, I might be able to make it, but not a work night. At least I heard about this one after hearing about Irving Plaza which is much easier to get to in every way, so it won't be so bad to miss this one.
  13. Nice find, Viv, always loved MasterClassLady. She's one smart cookie. And Cookie lol.
  14. lol. They did play LO during his intro so I guess that's why that particular of his songs is the one that got an iTunes bump.
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