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  1. Wow its nice to see old names and faces...and the dog pics up there are sooo cute... Miss everyone! David rocks!!! (((WNH)))
  2. I've been away...but I miss my word nerds! I've been sick...my cancer came back and I'm on new chemo now...went to see this year AI tour last week and that night in the hotel room had fever chills like crazy...this was only a couple days after they had given me chemo...and I've been sick ever since...still nursing a little bit of fever, but it's only 99... But I just wanted all of you to know how very proud I am to be a word nerd and to have watched all that has happened as we move forward as David's fans... I hope you all still remember me and are not like, "Who's she?" lol Big hugs to all of you and thanks for making HOTWNs what it is!!!!
  3. That pic was not from yesterday, but very cute! Baton Rouge maybe?
  4. Oh and great pics Jamie! Jodie couldn't find her camera, so I went solo...but I saw lots of cameras so I know there will be plenty of good pics floating around... I also hope like CRAZY that someone got banter vid where he's talking to my niece!!!
  5. I'm home...exhausted...but a good kinda exhausted...the same kinda exhausted you feel after a all-nighter... The was pure...un-adulterated David I died in your arms tonight!!! I did...I really really did...and you can take me to Hotel California any time you want...just say the word... That was like...let me see...that was like me..."making out" like a banshee...it was like marmalade heavy on the "laid"... I was an Aunt Jemima pancake...poor some sugar on me!!! It was fornicationation....it was fantasmorgasmical!!!! All while my 9 year old niece was only a few feet in front of me... I was so glad that she couldn't see my face and that only David could...wait...I'm not wishing David saw my face either, because between the drool that was dripping down from my mouth to the ground...and the incredibly proud mother-ish look I had on my face...with a side of the scene from Risky Business and my going "Ooooooh yeeeaaaahhhhh!"...it would probably make him either run very fast in the other direction or just laugh hysterically that he wielded a power great enough to reduce me to said state! So my niece and I had fourth row seats, but as we were on the very end of the row...the way it worked out...there were no chairs in front of us...at all...only a mess of JERK security guards and lemme tell ya...I am normally the kind of person who ignores rude behavior, because karma has a way of coming back to bite you in the ass...but those IGNORANT...yeah I said it...security guards were within inches of getting a tongue lashing from me for distracting everyone from the show by insisting people stand ONLY EXACTLY right in front of their chairs...it was ridiculous! This guy at one point was standing literally...I kid you not...1 1/2 feet to the right of his chair and a security guard told him he needed to move back and the guy had to tell the ******** that he WAS standing next to his seat...it was CRAZY...they distracted people on my side WAAAAY to often....but anyways... Back to the cool part about the evening...my niece who went with me...managed to be cute/puppy eyed enough for those ****** cigar smoking security guards not to have it in them to tell her and another little girl to get back...so they were both allowed to move up to the front row...and the audience members next to them were all for it... So what's so cool about that? David noticed them THREE times...the first time he was talking about getting the crowd into it...and said "I really think these two little fans over here need to move around a little more too" or something like that...lol...my niece? No reaction...hehehe...and the second time sadly I can't remember what he did, but I think it was asking them if they liked it or something like that...too cute...and the third time he was pointing the mic out to the audience to get everyone to sing along and when he was on our side he pointed the mic to them...and since this was a birthday present for my niece (big thanks to katsmeow)...having the experience she had with David was simply PERFECT!!! As far as the rest of the night...Make Me was almost my favorite, but I swear I still have to give it to Bar-ba-sol...I swear it was like the bump-n-grind scene in The Matrix...there is something so primal about it...I want someone to tell me how it is that he managed to me from the stage...I mean...I know I was close, but come on!!! Joe and purple hair ftw!!! I am so loving seeing people not afraid to sport the non-traditional colors...it was awesome! Kyle...that boy's legs are sooo skinny...I tried to be good while Andy and Kyle were on the side of the stage watching NTB...I watched NTB as much as I could but...Andy and Kyle were literally right in front of me and well if they want me to look at the band that is playing when it's not them...they're just gonna have to stop looking so dang good! Need To Breath, I have to say impressed me...good old southern bluesy soulful rock...bass player looked like a girl and was the hottest one of them all...really good at getting the crowd pumped...I'm going to Myspace them...I really was impressed...and it was a good choice to Team David to do the southern leg of the tour with them...very good choice...Fontman had some beautiful chops and artistic style... At one moment, before KOTN, David asks how many couples there are in the crowd...people raise their hands and then he says, "Wow that's awesome...I'm so impressed" or something like that and with the sexiest look in HISTORY says, "but this song's not for you!" And KOTN was well...let's just say that the tarp issues tonight, must have been from the tarp knowing ahead of time that KOTN was going to be so HAWT, that it would melt... Awesome, awesome night...I'm sure I will remember other stuff later, but I'll just say this...and we already knew this from him being on AI...he can put on a show like no one else!!! WOW!!! G'night to anyone who's still awake!!!
  6. Booty shorts? Cookie...that I need to see!!! So...I bought katsmeow's fourth row VIP tickets today...and I am taking my niece for her birthday...sure beats my GA ticket I had for myself...speaking of...if anyone wants 1 GA ticket...lemme know...lol
  7. Nope it's not...lol They want it to be their listening area...and sad to say they don't get 96.5 in CS... It's the BEST radio station, because they play Cookie constantly!!!
  8. Does anyone have an extra gen admission ticket? Or two VIP tickets that they want to sell?
  9. Don't worry...everyone is rendered 12 when they first meet him...
  10. Hello my Texas Word Nerds...Jody is gonna do EVERYTHING she can to be there!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!
  11. Oh my.....yeah I'd like a side of ranch with that please!!!
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