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  1. I love so many songs. Right now Better Than Me and Wicked Game are probably my favorites. I like the Wal Mart bonus tracks better than the ones on the deluxe version.
  2. He officially hates Ohio. We must have done something bad. I haven't been around in a long time. It took me two tries to get the password right.
  3. 🎄. Merry Christmas to all of you lovely word nerds.
  4. That's great news Barb! Congrats to you and the happy but exhausted parents.
  5. Dave needs to come closer for me to have another show. Good for you Paula & Jeannie.
  6. He is getting big and old. He just turned 18 in October. Abi and I went to mom and dad's on Wednesday and came home after dinner yesterday. David stayed home with Brian. He has been really tired lately. They went out to eat with my mil.
  7. That's rough Barb. Glad the shower went well. Feel better. Jeannie. Have fun on your trip. It's way more than I have which is nothing.
  8. How exciting Barb. Nice for her that it has gone so well Things are improving this week. 😊
  9. How did I miss the news about the baby? Congrats on becoming a Grandma It is still a ways from being reasonable here. David turning 18 was the highlight of the last few months.
  10. Great news Jeannie. I'm so glad your mom has bounced back so well. Seeing is really important. Last time I went mine got a lot worse plus I switched to bifocals. It was so nice to see well again.
  11. I can't believe it has been so long since anyone has posted in our thread. How is everyone? There has been a lot going on here. Lots of stress. It has to get better soon right?
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