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  1. I just finally caught up on DVR and watched Dave on Idol. It is amazing to me that his voice still does it to me all these years later. I'm sad to see there isn't many posts here anymore, but I guess I'm guilty too. I did want to share that I lost my dad VERY suddenly to an auto accident back in October. Obviously it destroyed and shattered me. But the one thing that was almost cathartic to me was cranking "Wait For Me" and belting it it. It was my connection and release. So odd after all these years that his music is still a part of all life's huge moments. I wonder if he reads his DMs because I really wish I could tell him that.
  2. Had to, sorry I couldn't help it lol. With all the news of the new album, I found myself drawn back here to check on everyone and see how you all are doing. Everytime there's big news. ..MJ's death, album drops, etc I find myself thinking of all of you and wandering back here. Just goes to show how big of an impact this place and all of you had on me. What's crazier is how I manage to remember my password after all these years lol
  3. Ok I meant a smiley after telling you it is good to see you. Smileys must know my mood.
  4. I came here for the same reason Dawtree...Good to see you again I have been thinking of the guys and all you ladies lately, so it's very weird that this happened. Rocked out to "cradle" tonight. Just so very sad and so very sobering. I think a lot of us loved him almost as much as David and it's just very hard to swallow.
  5. Yeah, I knew he had a wife and kid, I just didn't know he left, although I'm not surprised given the reason. I will say, I missed the animal behind those drums Thursday night. Nobody can flail like him lol
  6. Hey Made !! Yeah I miss those good ole days too. I'm still obviously a fan, but haven't been involved as much as I have been in the past. So I was utterly out of the loop when Neal left (Broke my heart) and was shocked when I didn't see Kyle behind the drums Thursday night. Those original boys put on some bad ass shows and on top of that, they were David's best friends. He had them at a time when he needed them the most, but like this new venture, I guess it was time for some of them to spread their wings and go other directions as well. At least this is what I am assuming. I don't know the real reason Neal and Kyle left, but I am super happy Andy is still with him. Those original boys will always be the DWEEB to me lol
  7. It may be the wrong place for this, but WTF happened to Kyle ?? I've been out of the loop for a while and noticed he was missing last night. When and why ??
  8. Skipped over here for the first time in a long time when I heard the news. When I first heard, I had mixed feelings. I was apprehensive, because he no longer has a label and my mind went to the likes of Taylor Hicks, Ruben Studdard, etc and I really didn't want him grouped in the category. At the same time, I was excited...because while I liked DCTR and TLM, they were nothing compared to Analog Heart for me. I felt he has been watered down and overproduced for a long time. Dave does best when Dave does Dave and I really hope he gets the opportunity to do that now, because I am long overdue for the "real" Dave, not the Idol produced Dave.
  9. It was funny after all of the applause and segway into the next song he said "Sorry, that was so damn indulgent" lol
  10. Oh and I just looked at Taft's website and they say no cameras or recording devices allowed.
  11. I haven't traveled to Cincy in years...any idea on how long the drive from Columbus ?? Also, how long was the show at Newport, just trying to figure a rough time I'll get home
  12. I will be at this one. Hubby bought me tickets. We are doing dinner and getting to the venue like right before the show starts. Not gonna lie...kind of excited just to relax and enjoy this one lol
  13. She is probably the one causing the turn of events in this thread...Jody you are soooo sneaky
  14. In Heroes it always sounded to me AND OTHERS lol that the lyric said "I know you're Megan right, you're all I need tonight" I cracked up everytime...still do lol
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