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  1. Thanks guys I should be getting it in the middle of June then planning will begin
  2. [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]
  3. You guys want to see the ring he is getting me????
  4. Oct. 20th 2013. He has to find a job and I have to finish college. Thanks the only thing is that we kinda have to hide it from my parents. we have only been together for 4 months and idk it just feels right but i know my parents would flip their u know wat if they found out. so when he get the ring next month we will tell them.
  5. ok everyone I know I have been hiding out but I have some news I just had to share with you all .... IM ENGAGED!!!!!!
  6. bwahahahahahahahhahahahahahha thats hilarious hahahaa o and does anyone know how to play "testament" on acoustic guitar??? i want to learn it sooo bad
  7. My Favorite song: Testament Why: 1. because its an amazing song that does an amazing job at showing off davids awesome voice 2. I have felt that way soooo many times and im starting to feel it over something im not sure how i really feel about the sit. so im listening to it on repeat.
  8. you guys need to go on his youtube page and watch all his videos. my favorite ones are bed time prayers favorite bible verse hey there delilah (sampson version) playground mishaps good advise too late. I just love it all
  9. yea well atleast we still have each other lol. and trust me i have a lot of ranting to do. craziness has been happening on my end.
  10. awesome i miss how this thread used to have SOOO many ppl wanting to be busted i miss our playlets now im writing them trying to make ways for me and the others to get busted its soooo stressful/ but ofcourse its sooo fun as well I just wish we could get some of the other Sofa girls to come back
  11. bwahaha i loved the vid it makes me even more excited for the album to come out and its nice to actually see david i havent seen his face in a while
  12. hey all idk when the last time someone wrote in this thing was but im making a come back lol so who all joined us SGs?
  13. lol just sit back and let one of the newbies take a shot. yea they r of age so they can make some playlets now
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