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  1. I agree. However, I think David is his own best marketing tool. I think that the BJ fans who come for Bon Jovi will see him and realize that he's a legit and incredible artist because he's a million times better live than he is on CDs.
  2. This is friggen awesome. Seriously... If he and Jon and the boys hit it off good, he might be a shoe in for the opener on Bon Jovi's next tour. Happened for Daughtry Can I just say how proud this makes me? Just four years ago, he was my favorite little dork in a sweater vest and bad mohawk singing Livin' on a Prayer, and now he's opening for Bon Jovi??
  3. This is actually the greatest thread EVER
  4. I was saying the same thing to my dad last night. Randy was very rarely a David fan. He was typically the only one who said bad things about his performances.
  5. Lol goodness who would do such a thing? Go as moral support and then wind up doing well on the show, leaving the sibling in the dust?
  6. I like Cim's idea of a more stripped down single. It probably wouldn't happen, but on radio stations like XM The Pulse, they play cover songs that artists have done in studio and stuff. I think he would get a lot of attention if they played a cover of RITD or something. They'll play Drive occasionally. I do think that the more stripped songs would be a big hit on the radio. I think that a big misconception in radio now is that everything has to be super upbeat and fun to be a hit on the radio. I mean, look at Christina Perri. She got super famous for Jar of Hearts, which is 100% ballad. And even songs like Coldplay's Fix You are so popular but really, there is nothing to it. Not only would David sound gorgeous singing a song like Fix You or something similar, but I think people would really take to that.
  7. Having been at the NY show, his emotions were completely definitely those of gratitude. He pointed out that he had label executives at the show and how grateful he was that we were so responsive. He was totally overwhelmed by how epic the crowd was. If there was any sadness at all, it was that this leg of the tour was over and he had to go a little bit without touring until either a new leg was scheduled or he released new music. Honestly, Dave and RCA know music better than we ever will, so I'm not going to really judge and stress about it. Hell, we know we're getting another album, right? That's all I care about. It's hard for musicians to stay afloat, but obviously RCA believes in Dave enough to let him make another record and promote him for another release. That's all that matters to me.
  8. Dear David, I probably should have done this back in December after the Irving Plaza show, but stuff comes up and I forgot, but whatever... Anyhoo... that day, December 9th, 2011, was the longest, most tiring, but easily the best day of my life thus far (and by thus far, I mean... nothing will really beat it, like even my wedding day or whatever when it happens. Your concert was still cooler). I had been worrying and stressing and freaking out over that day for so long and when it finally got here, everything went far more perfect than I could have ever imagined. We'd met before, but it was only for like, less than a minute, but it was still fantastic, so getting to meet you again was like a bonus because something like that it just once in a lifetime and one of those moments that I will never forget. I was first at the VIP M&G, which was probably the scariest thing ever, knowing that I'd be the first one to meet you and the band. Being a generally nervous person, I was convinced I was going to say something stupid or do something wrong. Meeting my idol is probably the scariest, but most exciting thing in the world... and the only thing better than actually meeting you, was remembering how proud I was to be a fan of someone so completely genuine and real. Let me just say, the show itself was the best concert I think I will ever see in my entire life. There was something completely magical about it that made every song, every second of it just so flawless and perfect. With all the autotuned crappy singers infiltrating the airwaves today, it just reminded me how happy I was to be a fan of someone who can actually create beautiful music and perform it; no gimmicks, no elaborate lighting or special effects. Just sing and do what you do best. It was epic to see Ryan and Stevie join you on stage, especially Stevie because I felt like you were getting recognition that you deserved. A legend in music business was up there playing with you and the reaction to it all over the crowd and even spreading to the internet was just incredible because other real musicians were seeing how good you truly were and that made me so proud. Right before REM started, the woman standing in front of me grabbed me and put me in her spot, front row center and said "This is the best concert you will ever be at in your entire life. Enjoy this." And I did exactly that. And for that one song, I didn't take pictures, I didn't try to give people updates about the show. I just enjoyed it, and it was probably the most serene and amazing moment of my life. Trying to explain it to people who don't understand is pointless because they will never know how it felt to be in my position, watching my idol perform with so much emotion and passion, and that seriously sucks for them because it was phenomenal. It's been like a month since the show and you've been off the road for a while, and we all miss you, so don't take too much time writing. Please come back on the road to tour soon because there is nothing in the world as epic as a David Cook concert (this is a true fact, I promise). I know that 2012 will bring HUGE and AMAZING things your way; maybe new music, some new tour dates, and anything else you choose to put out. I'm pretty sure I'd buy anything with your name on it. These messages always wind up being so long winded and ridiculous, but anyways... thank you for everything. Thank you will never really be enough, but I'll say it anyways. Love, Mallory P.S. You should think about doing some acting. Seriously, you'd be awesome at it. Maybe voice a Disney prince or something? I could see it.
  9. For a woman, TMAIA is incredibly hard to sing as is TINTLT, so I can only imagine what a strain it is on his voice. Those are songs that one simply cannot sing every night. Neither are really closing songs, so it's not like he could preserve his voice to end with those two.
  10. Andrew got my name right on the first try... I was so happy that he didn't butcher it because most people do even though my last name is one of those names that is really kind of impossible to really confuse people. Hell, I support David and his career so much that I'll buy and adore any kind of music he puts out. Knowing David, even if he's making more records like DCTR, his stamp of approval says something because he's pretty harsh on himself. If he's willing to put it out and believe in it, I won't hesitate to buy it.
  11. Yeah, I had to help him with a few names. I've got one of those last names that no one can ever seem to get right, so I was pleased when he said it right. I understand the pain haha
  12. I thought the same exact thing. It means that there WILL be another album. In this business, it's hard to stay signed anymore unless you're Gaga or whatever. It means that his label is willing to support him for another record. And a show like that of Irving Plaza, where label executives were present, is excellent because it shows the label that he will most definitely always have a loyal fanbase that loves him and will buy anything he puts his name on.
  13. Yes. It is. Unless your Beyonce, Gaga, Adele, Katy Perry, or some other over-rated autotuned singer... you're doing great. It sucks that such is the case, but 100,000+ isn't bad.
  14. It was made by Marley, who is a member here, but I forget what her user name is.
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