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  1. I agree. However, I think David is his own best marketing tool. I think that the BJ fans who come for Bon Jovi will see him and realize that he's a legit and incredible artist because he's a million times better live than he is on CDs.
  2. This is friggen awesome. Seriously... If he and Jon and the boys hit it off good, he might be a shoe in for the opener on Bon Jovi's next tour. Happened for Daughtry Can I just say how proud this makes me? Just four years ago, he was my favorite little dork in a sweater vest and bad mohawk singing Livin' on a Prayer, and now he's opening for Bon Jovi??
  3. This is actually the greatest thread EVER
  4. I was saying the same thing to my dad last night. Randy was very rarely a David fan. He was typically the only one who said bad things about his performances.
  5. Lol goodness who would do such a thing? Go as moral support and then wind up doing well on the show, leaving the sibling in the dust?
  6. I like Cim's idea of a more stripped down single. It probably wouldn't happen, but on radio stations like XM The Pulse, they play cover songs that artists have done in studio and stuff. I think he would get a lot of attention if they played a cover of RITD or something. They'll play Drive occasionally. I do think that the more stripped songs would be a big hit on the radio. I think that a big misconception in radio now is that everything has to be super upbeat and fun to be a hit on the radio. I mean, look at Christina Perri. She got super famous for Jar of Hearts, which is 100% ballad. And even songs like Coldplay's Fix You are so popular but really, there is nothing to it. Not only would David sound gorgeous singing a song like Fix You or something similar, but I think people would really take to that.
  7. Having been at the NY show, his emotions were completely definitely those of gratitude. He pointed out that he had label executives at the show and how grateful he was that we were so responsive. He was totally overwhelmed by how epic the crowd was. If there was any sadness at all, it was that this leg of the tour was over and he had to go a little bit without touring until either a new leg was scheduled or he released new music. Honestly, Dave and RCA know music better than we ever will, so I'm not going to really judge and stress about it. Hell, we know we're getting another album, right? That's all I care about. It's hard for musicians to stay afloat, but obviously RCA believes in Dave enough to let him make another record and promote him for another release. That's all that matters to me.
  8. Dear David, I probably should have done this back in December after the Irving Plaza show, but stuff comes up and I forgot, but whatever... Anyhoo... that day, December 9th, 2011, was the longest, most tiring, but easily the best day of my life thus far (and by thus far, I mean... nothing will really beat it, like even my wedding day or whatever when it happens. Your concert was still cooler). I had been worrying and stressing and freaking out over that day for so long and when it finally got here, everything went far more perfect than I could have ever imagined. We'd met before, but it was only for like, less than a minute, but it was still fantastic, so getting to meet you again was like a bonus because something like that it just once in a lifetime and one of those moments that I will never forget. I was first at the VIP M&G, which was probably the scariest thing ever, knowing that I'd be the first one to meet you and the band. Being a generally nervous person, I was convinced I was going to say something stupid or do something wrong. Meeting my idol is probably the scariest, but most exciting thing in the world... and the only thing better than actually meeting you, was remembering how proud I was to be a fan of someone so completely genuine and real. Let me just say, the show itself was the best concert I think I will ever see in my entire life. There was something completely magical about it that made every song, every second of it just so flawless and perfect. With all the autotuned crappy singers infiltrating the airwaves today, it just reminded me how happy I was to be a fan of someone who can actually create beautiful music and perform it; no gimmicks, no elaborate lighting or special effects. Just sing and do what you do best. It was epic to see Ryan and Stevie join you on stage, especially Stevie because I felt like you were getting recognition that you deserved. A legend in music business was up there playing with you and the reaction to it all over the crowd and even spreading to the internet was just incredible because other real musicians were seeing how good you truly were and that made me so proud. Right before REM started, the woman standing in front of me grabbed me and put me in her spot, front row center and said "This is the best concert you will ever be at in your entire life. Enjoy this." And I did exactly that. And for that one song, I didn't take pictures, I didn't try to give people updates about the show. I just enjoyed it, and it was probably the most serene and amazing moment of my life. Trying to explain it to people who don't understand is pointless because they will never know how it felt to be in my position, watching my idol perform with so much emotion and passion, and that seriously sucks for them because it was phenomenal. It's been like a month since the show and you've been off the road for a while, and we all miss you, so don't take too much time writing. Please come back on the road to tour soon because there is nothing in the world as epic as a David Cook concert (this is a true fact, I promise). I know that 2012 will bring HUGE and AMAZING things your way; maybe new music, some new tour dates, and anything else you choose to put out. I'm pretty sure I'd buy anything with your name on it. These messages always wind up being so long winded and ridiculous, but anyways... thank you for everything. Thank you will never really be enough, but I'll say it anyways. Love, Mallory P.S. You should think about doing some acting. Seriously, you'd be awesome at it. Maybe voice a Disney prince or something? I could see it.
  9. For a woman, TMAIA is incredibly hard to sing as is TINTLT, so I can only imagine what a strain it is on his voice. Those are songs that one simply cannot sing every night. Neither are really closing songs, so it's not like he could preserve his voice to end with those two.
  10. Andrew got my name right on the first try... I was so happy that he didn't butcher it because most people do even though my last name is one of those names that is really kind of impossible to really confuse people. Hell, I support David and his career so much that I'll buy and adore any kind of music he puts out. Knowing David, even if he's making more records like DCTR, his stamp of approval says something because he's pretty harsh on himself. If he's willing to put it out and believe in it, I won't hesitate to buy it.
  11. Yeah, I had to help him with a few names. I've got one of those last names that no one can ever seem to get right, so I was pleased when he said it right. I understand the pain haha
  12. I thought the same exact thing. It means that there WILL be another album. In this business, it's hard to stay signed anymore unless you're Gaga or whatever. It means that his label is willing to support him for another record. And a show like that of Irving Plaza, where label executives were present, is excellent because it shows the label that he will most definitely always have a loyal fanbase that loves him and will buy anything he puts his name on.
  13. Yes. It is. Unless your Beyonce, Gaga, Adele, Katy Perry, or some other over-rated autotuned singer... you're doing great. It sucks that such is the case, but 100,000+ isn't bad.
  14. It was made by Marley, who is a member here, but I forget what her user name is.
  15. With what Jeannie said, he's received a lot more exposure lately and he will probably garner some interest after having Stevie Van Zandt play with him since Maureen has been spreading the video around. As good as the co-headlining tour was, I think he needs to get on the road with a BIG act and open. That's probably what would be best for him.
  16. Oh my gosh yes! I loved these! and I love the picture you guys used of mine
  17. Omg I remember that. I think it started with "This is the best show of the night!" and then went from there.
  18. My face in all of those pictures is just cracking me up...
  19. So, in short… yesterday was the greatest day ever. I would seriously go back and live it over and over again like… forever. Absolutely everything turned out perfect in the end and I really don't think I would have changed a thing. We arrived at Irving Plaza around 2:15 and got in line. I talked with some really cool people while standing there for a while. Then Andrew came out and he moved us all into one line and stood right in front of us. When he was holding the VIP passes, he looked at my brother and was like, "Hey, you guys want to be front of the line for everything?" So of course, we said yes. I helped him hand out all the VIP passes and helped him pronounce the names he was butchering off the list. So he brought us to the front of the line so that we were first in line for the M&G, which actually made me really nervous because I was the first to go in and meet the band. I was standing in line behind my brother who was going to meet the band first, and then once Dave and the guys came out, he pushed me in front of him and made me go first. I went to Dave and he was like, "Hi! What's your name?" So I told him, and he was like, "It's nice to meet you, Mallory. How are you doing?" After I answered, I gave him the shirt (which said 'Keep Calm and Carry Duct Tape') and told him that as long as he had duct tape, he would be safe from any wardrobe malefactions. He sighed as the other guys teased him about it and he was all like, "Thanks for the reminder'. Basically… David has the most gorgeous eyes… well, the most gorgeous everything that I have ever seen on a human being and I really doubt that any picture truly does that justice. On top of that, I don't think any interview or song will ever do justice to how much of a sweetheart he is. I'm probably one of the most awkward and weird people out there, but he was seriously, just so sweet to me, as he had been the last time I met him as well. After being a fan for almost four years now, I was shocked beyond belief at how absolutely genuine and kind he really is. I just, I don't understand how anyone could say anything bad about the guy. Whether someone likes his music or not, he's got to be one of the most real, sweet, and incredible people out there. He signed my pass and told me that my gift was really hilarious and great and that it was awesome to meet me. As I was walking away, my dad was chatting with Monty and he was like, "Hey! Are you Monty?" And Monty, being the champ that he is, was like, "Well, yep. That's me, alright," and went on to sign my dad's pass for him. The only bad thing about the night was the fact that my memory card for my new Canon Rebel was not in the camera, so all the pictures my dad took of David and I didn't save and I was going to have to use my small, less nice camera for the show since we couldn't run out to grab a memory card before the show started. So then we waited for a while since there were a ton of VIPs for this show. Andrew chatted with us for a while and got to know my dad on a first name basis, which was pretty hilarious. They talked about football for a while and it was just so funny to watch them really have intense discussions about sports. It felt like it took forever for us to finally get up to soundcheck, but it wasn't all that bad because Andrew kept entertaining us since we were at the front of the line to get in. He was like, "I have no power in this family because I'm the little brother! There's all these fans waiting and David just keeps doing stupid things with his guitar that aren't even songs! You're done in there! Stop being dumb!" and kicking trash cans because David kept telling them that they weren't ready for soundcheck yet. We finally got in, and I was front row center in front of David. They played Circadian and Stockholm Syndrome. While watching soundcheck, I realized how great of a guitar player David really is. I mean, Devin is a friggen beast, but David is really great too. I'd never really been too close to notice it before this show, so I was impressed. Then we went out and we waited for a while. I spent most of my cash on merch outside. And then they let us in. There was a mad rush for the front of the stage, but I made it to second row in front of David. My brother and I had great spots, and then this one lady shoved us over so she could have our spot, which made us really cramped, so I had to teach my brother how to be defensive and push people when they got out of line. The show started with Zander, who I didn't think was completely awful, but he definitely wasn't my cup of tea. He was like Constantine on crack, which wasn't really a great thing, and his pants were a bit too shiny. His songs weren't terrible and some of them were kind of catchy, but I have a feeling that in like twenty years, he's going to be the new Rick Roll. Then David came on, and everyone was just flipping out. Circadian was awesome to open and he was clearly in a great mood. Hearing these songs live was like… a surreal experience to me… seeing him live was really an experience to me. I hadn't been to a show of his in over two years, so it was like shell shock to be at a concert again, especially one where I was so close. I was pleasantly surprised to hear Life on the Moon because I'd only heard it once on the Declaration Tour, so I thought it was cool that he was playing it again on this tour. During Come Back to Me, everyone was singing so loud and it was really incredible. The crowd for this show was absolutely insane. They just would not stop cheering and it was just amazing. I hadn't had the chance to watch any of the Dogman performances he's done, so I really had no clue how the song was going to be, but it was awesome, and it was super neat that the drummer was so cool with playing with the band. The lighting that they had for that song was perfect and almost all of my pictures from that song came out awesome. Dave joked before GTTG that he had made the set list, so it was a bit inconsistent, and then went from a heavy metal song to a ballad, which was adorable. GTTG is gorgeous live. I had made it a point to not watch many videos from the tour because I really wanted to have that first live experience with the songs myself, and I'm glad I opted for that because it made hearing them live for the first time that much more awesome. Bar-ba-sol and LO were awesome, and by the end of Light On, I saw Ryan standing by the side of the stage, and started freaking out because I figured he had to be coming on to sing with them, and then Stevie was there too. When they both came out to do 8 Days a Week, the crowd was pretty much flipping their shit. I loved the cover, which was really an interesting choice that I think Stevie came up with. They were all having such a good time. Rock N Roll was epic too. I'd watched video before, but it didn't do justice to how awesome Dave was. He's really got some of the best vocals I have ever heard, if not the best. He can seriously scream, which I didn't really know he could do so well. Fade Into Me… gah… this song is gorgeous. It was just David and his guitar on stage and he sang it so flawlessly. The crowd reacted so well and I had chills just listening to them sing the song back to him. They were so loud and you could hear every single word they were saying through the whole song. It was just so surreal, and David was just so humbled by the fact that all these people cared so much about what he was doing. I think that the after banter from Fade Into Me was probably some of the best of the whole tour. To me, that moment was just paramount. It made me realize how much I really idolized David and how much respect and admiration I have for him. The entire night, I had been in awe of watching him perform, not even aware of how truly incredible he was. And now, looking back, it seems surreal to watch him do what he loves and see how passionate he is about performing. I can't really put into words how big of an impression it leaves on me to watch him perform. More than the M&G, more than all the waiting and crap and drama that goes on in the fandom sometimes, it's moments like watching him tear up when the audience sings back to him that really emphasize why we're all here as fans and how much it means to him that we spend all this money, travel all these miles just to see him perform. And I think that no matter how happy and amazing it feels for us to watch him perform, it doesn't even begin to compare to happy he feels seeing us respond and seeing how happy he's making us. Just before REM, the woman in front of me, grabbed me and put me in her spot up against the barricade, telling me, "You will never ever see a concert this great in your entire life again. Enjoy this." I was right front row in front of David. For that song, I put away my camera, put away my phone and just watched the show because she was right… being here and watching this song, which even the recorded version just moves me so much, live was something that I would never forget and it was probably one of the most special and perfect moments of my life, thus far… and probably forever too. He came into the crowd and stood up on the barricades right in front of me and was letting people grab at him and hold his hand and such and he was pretty much on top of me, which was probably one of the greatest things ever. By the time the show was over, I don't think anyone in the crowd knew what they were supposed to do. They were all just speechless and in awe of what they had just seen. I went to Stacy and Jaime, who were both unable to really speak. Stacy just squeezed me for a little while because we were all unable to really do anything else. I think it was a general consensus that nothing would ever beat this concert. I seriously think it was the best show Dave has ever put on. I have actually never been prouder to be a David Cook fan than I was last night. Seeing a show like that puts everything in perspective for me and it was seriously the single greatest night I think I've ever had.
  20. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the night. Recap coming soon.
  21. OH. MY. GOD. Basically, best show ever... I'll post a longer recap tomorrow, but here are my pictures. I left the memory card for my good camera at home, so I had to use my little one, but still got some good shots http://www.flickr.com/photos/63456037@N08/sets/72157628354601597/
  22. Yeah. I think Jim pulled the head shaving thing out of his ass. I have a feeling Jim is going to get shaved because Dave has already stated that he's just going to cut his hair, rather than a buzz. Wouldn't it be funny if they just like... hugged or something, after all this? It'd be kind of cute. lol
  23. He also said sometime last week I think that he wasn't going to shave his head, just cut it. So either way, his hair is getting cut. I like the long hair, but he obviously doesn't. I wouldn't mind if he went back to the spikey look or the fresh Little Sparrow look. I'm pulling for one of the two lol
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