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  1. Hey everyone! Haven't been on here much, but mods, is the title of this thread updated? Nice to see dates still spill out! Hope this goes on forever (no, not really, bc we'd love albums to come out too, heh)
  2. I'm SO happy for all these new dates! Also, for you guys who haven't seen it, there's an update of David's availability on Fleming's website here. Screencap: Looks like the tour is going through Spring & Summer of 2014, to support new album P.S. Thanks to @izJul for pointing that out.
  3. I love how these interviewers (not just this one, but this one and this too) found out how much David is loved and how much he loves us (bragging a little here ), and most importantly, how great a musician he is! Also, it seems like many people are impressed with his Purple Rain. I still remember pinching myself and mouthing "Oh. My. God" to Imogen at the ION soundcheck.
  4. Aww... but I thought one show was never enough?? I know, I know, I'm being the devil here
  5. Woohooo Debra!!! I immediately thought of you seeing that date. Well, he's NOT going to SKIP MO, for sure!!! ETA: I mean KC!
  6. Maybe we can Kickstart it. US, not Dave.
  7. See, I knew he thought we talked about his hair a little too much! #elephantintheroom Thanks @LaverneTX for the banter videos. HILARIOUS NIGHT. I'm all smiles from ear to ear!
  8. I don't get how he can get bored idea(s) during "rush hour", heh
  9. Has he ever had a show in Vermont? I'm sorry, I'm not like you guys with super memory
  10. Late response, but I wonder if someone asked Monty to tweet that. Nick A: "People speculate about the lead guitarist." David: "Good thing it's not my hair this time." Nick G: "They asked me quite a few times. I already said no! Awkward..." Andy: "You think we should tell 'em? Nah... we don't want them talkin' about your hair." Days later... David: "Let's put 'em out of misery. Give 'em a clue about the guitarist (or lack thereof), Monty!" Monty: "Why ME??!" [gets up from the couch] "Okay..."
  11. Right, I didn't think of it before. But it might be because subconsciously I thought Matt (Dave's tour manager in Singapore) was still around or that XIX still handling that sort of stuff.
  12. Well, Nick answered my question a few days ago: Still does not directly answer that he'll be the guitarist, because him being in the video could mean that he's just... around. BUT it's a rehearsal video, so it would make sense if he IS the guitarist.
  13. It's not face first, right? THAT I'm 100% sure I can't do. Btw, I thought it was endearing, the way y'all think he's "crazy"
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