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  1. Same here - thanks! The gift card will certainly come in handy soon!
  2. The clip from Fox 25 in Boston had me laughing my ass off! That is the station I watch every morning for years now so I have become pretty familar with the personalities. The interviewer, Kim Carrigan, is usually the epitome of class and professionalism and I just witnessed her falling to pieces over David. Epic!
  3. Of course, I am biased but I really think that David's segment seemed the most genuine. While I am sure that everyone who participated and was included in a segment cared about what they presented (they would have to be completely inhuman not to have!), David's feelings really seemed to come across as honest and true. I just spent some time on the Idol board and there was a thread entitled "David Cook - A High Quality Human Being", so I can't be the only one who saw his true colors!
  4. Goddamn. He looked real good. Sounded real good. It was ALL good! Shit. Wish that he hadn't even mentioned the new album. His enthusiasm makes me uncomfortably anxious. Bring. It. On. Psyched to have seen the shots of Neal and Kyle, but where was the Skib love?! I need to see a close-up of the hair!
  5. Chatroulette?! Shit, he is WAY braver than I am! Aside from that one college guy who hooked up with Ashton Kutcher and had a pretty decent conversation, I have only heard pretty negative things about it. There is actually a dare going on at the office I work at about who is going to try it first! I wonder if David is going to give it a second chance?
  6. Spoiler: It doesn't appear to be too popular of an idea here, but I would actually love to see David and the guys do a Stones cover. There really isn't anything for David to promote right now and I just think that they all might have fun just performing without having an agenda or being under that kind of pressure. Plus, whatever our feelings are toward the Stones, the band is legendary and I am sure that David would feel a sense of honor in performing one of their songs. My vote is for Start Me Up.
  7. I would love to be one of those who say that "David had me at Hello" because saying that "David had me at All Right Now" just doesn't roll off the tongue as nicely! I will say that while his ARN performance made me think that he was a hot, honest-to-God ROCKER, his Hello performance made me think that he was an amazing, honest-to-God ARTIST. This is the first time that I have seen Stacy's creative synopsis of the performance. Unfortunately, my dictionary is in the shop so I probably wasn't able to enjoy it to its fullest extent, but I did see the words; climaxing, naked, passions, breathily, and quivery and I certainly don't need Merriam Webster to tell me what those mean. Well done, Stacy! An unforgettable performance by David and an in-depth review by Stacy. Does it get any better?!
  8. I liked what Gwen said about there being someone to get excited about this season because that is exactly how I feel. My feelings throughout season eight were lukewarm at best. I watched it only because I never miss a season, but I honestly didn't really care who won. It feels good to root for someone again! I really hope that Lee does well, but even if he doesn't there are a few girls that are definitely worth cheering on, as well!
  9. I don't know what it is, but looking at pictures of a pre-Idol David always make me feel like dirty girl. I love that.
  10. I have never voted for anyone before or since David and in a weird way, I kinda wanna keep it that way. I have to admit that I think Lee is pretty damn good, though and I am finding myself really looking forward to what he's going to bring each week as long as he's there. He definitely has that throaty kind of quality to his voice that David has, but I wouldn't go as far as saying they sound the same. Nobody sounds like David. Nobody.
  11. In my opinion, Simon has always held more credibilty than the other judges. I feel that way even more after Kara's recent comment about how well Adam Lambert made songs his own during his appearance on the show. Nothing against Adam, but David broke that mold in season 7. If Simon had made that comment, I would be willing to bet that he would have used David as the example, not Adam.
  12. Okay... I really, really liked this vlog. He didn't have anything important to say, but really felt the need to share it! Don't get me wrong, I think it's great when he vlogs about things that he knows we are interested in, but for him to vlog about trivialities is, I think, pretty cool, too. It makes me think that he is pretty comfortable with his fans and I can't imagine him feeling that way unless he really liked us. On a more devious note, I would have LOVED to have seen him walk into that door! Eating the food off of the floor... eh, not so much but walking into the door?! Yeah... would have loved to have seen that.
  13. You Can't Do That On Television
  14. I feel disgustingly giddy after hearing some of that new music. How bad is it that I wanted him to shut the hell up so that I could listen to without distraction?! Sorry, Dave. You looked pretty, but what I heard in the background sounded even prettier.
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