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  2. daisychain

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    Hi. I’ve not been on here since 2013. How do I look at my old posts? Thanks
  3. Also, I did end up killing a rattler by throwing something on it. 2017 After the ants were chewing on him for a little bit. It slithered under a piece of plywood and I threw a cement statue on top of it and crushed it.
  4. He was finally saved a couple of years ago. I NEVER thought I would see it happen but to God be the glory! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!
  5. Please pray for my Marketing Professor, John Royer. He is extremely harsh with grading my tests in particular. I do my best and I feel as if he automatically gives me a bad grade and doesn't even try to give any grace. I confronted him about my grade, he claims my answers are wrong and he says he gives extra points. I do not get extra points on these exams, I do believe he simply does not like the way I explain my answers.
  6. I haven’t been here for a long while and last time u looked at this site you could send personal messages to other members here but I can’t seem to now? I’m trying to find Mia on fb
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